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The following Software is Required:

  • SourceTree (or any other Git-Client)
  • Python 2.7
  • Nodejs
  • Node-Packages: (npm install -g bower sass less)


  • create a python virtual environment. You could use a folder in this directory with the name env
  • activate the virtual environment
  • Install python dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Install bower dependencies: bower install


The pages from the pages directory are beeing compiled into the corresponding template files in templates.

Static files are beeing taken from the following sources:

  • upstream: This folder contains all static files from the Kooba-Repository.
  • static: This folder contains files that were added by us
  • bower_components: This files are dependencies that were downloaded by bower.

Please note, that this only applies to Javascript and CSS/SCSS files that are beeing compressed during compilation.

Images are copied from the following path (directory -> path on the webserver):

  • static/img -> /static/img

In addition, the static/css/fonts directory is

Compile HTMLs

To compile the HTMLs run the following command (with the activated virtualenv):

python src/

Preview HTMLs

The output-folder is dist. You can run pythons build in webserver in this directory as a preview: python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer 8082