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Andy 9c2e720502 Updates 3 years ago
base_templates Test-Page 3 years ago
jobify_net Enable configuration of db server 3 years ago
jobify_static Updates 3 years ago
static_files V.1.0 3 years ago
.dockerignore Fix migrations 3 years ago
.gitignore Fix migrations 3 years ago
Dockerfile Fix and static files 4 years ago
bitbucket-pipelines.yml Remove push to kubernetes from master 3 years ago
docker-compose.yml Make local docker work again 4 years ago init 4 years ago
manage.sublime-workspace text edit hero index_YP + add backgrounds app 4 years ago
nginx.conf test nginx redirect to app register 3 years ago
requirements.txt fix memcached 3 years ago
uwsgi.ini Update build to use only one nginx 4 years ago