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This repository contains all the helm charts for our kubernetes cluster.


  1. Download the cluster Credentials

    1. Access the Open Telekom Cloud Console
    2. Go to Cloud Container Engine.
    3. Click the CCE 1.0 link in the header banner
    4. Go to Contianer Cluster -> Basic Info and Download the certificate.
  2. Install kubernetes 1.7.3 and the current helm version

  3. Install the credentials in kubernetes using this manual:

  4. Run helm init --client-only to link your helm version with the cluster

Chart informations

For every installed chart there are helm values saved in the corresponding folder. You can use them by providing them at an installation.

For example helm install chart/name -f helm-values.yaml --set bla.password='yourstrongpassword' installs the chart with the helm-values and sets a password for a service.

Some passwords may be required to install the charts. This values are always marked with # to define in the helm-values file.

Persistent Volumes

If a chart requires a persistent volume, the volumes can be provided via the Cloud Console. After that, a Persistent Volume and a Persistent Volume Claim should be created.

Check the existing files in this repo for examples. They should be installed with kubectl apply -f file.yaml. Due to non standard conform changes by the Telekom, existing persistent volumes can not be changed but must be deleted and recreated.